Let’s talk about Climate Change

A dark cloud looms over our heads, literally and figuratively.

How does one begin to wrap their heads around just how much, we as a collective population, have messed up this world in the short span we’ve been here?

Learning about the problem is the first step, so I googled what I recommend everyone do right this instant: ‘Climate Change for Dummies‘.

What is climate change?

Simply put (if there is such a phrase at all, with so important a matter!), our world is getting hotter, our sea levels are rising, our glaciers are retreating, we have erratic weather fluctuations around the globe: famines, heatwaves, and droughts on the one hand, floods on the other. To add to our list of very relevant and concerning woes, our potable water levels are alarmingly low, our flora and fauna are being destroyed.

All of this is terrifying, our lives are changing rapidly, deteriorating as we speak. Think back to 20 years ago, 10 years ago. This happened in front of our eyes, each one of us, no matter how much holier-than-thou, contributed to this slow decay. We may pass before we see the worst, but our children will face an even poorer quality of life, assuming they have a future at all. Our world is at the precipice of becoming inhospitable.

Presidents may deny it, Corporations may write it off, but the evidence is very real. If we keep going at this rate, we can count the rest of our lives on our fingertips with an oxygen mask strapped to our face.

The answer is not simple. While solutions need to begin with us, we desperately need global leaders and conglomerates to join hands and take a stand to help save our planet, our beautiful Mother Earth.

At this moment, I write this as I sit in an air-conditioned car to travel a mere 18 kilometers, surrounded by easily a thousand cars. I inhale the pollution and I see our future; stark, congested, unsustainable.

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